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Satanic Temple summons all the forces of darkness, gets its lawyers to sue Netflix's Sabrina show

Have you heard the good news about Baphomet?
Photo: Culture Club (Getty Images)

It’s like the Christian church has been warning us all for centuries: Don’t mess with Satan, Lucifer, Lord of the Pit, the merciless Morningstar, first of the fallen, prince of lies, etc., or he’ll totally see your ass in court. Variety reports that the Satanic Temple has now made good (bad?) on its legal threats against Netflix’s new horror show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, lodging a $150 million lawsuit against the series over accusations that it ripped off one of the Church’s copyrighted artworks.

Specifically, the Temple is claiming that the Baphomet statue that features prominently in the middle of the main hall of the show’s magical academy set is close enough to one that they had built back in 2013, that it constitutes trading on the organization’s good (bad?) name, as well as mis-representing that the Temple (and Satan himself) is all about. In the suit (readable here), the ST alleges that it spent $100,000 designing and building the statue, and while, sure, they’re all about freedom and unrestricted, beautiful excess, that doesn’t mean people can go around ripping off their shit and trading on old Satanic panic myths. There’s branding to think of here, people, and not the fun, burn-y kind we normally associate with Old Scratch.


It’s worth noting that the statue in question isn’t just of a handsome goatman ordering two coffees while flashing his pecs for the people; it also incorporates Temple-specific touches like the two little kids looking up at Mr. Tumnus in total awe, presumably worshiping at the altar of his utterly shredded abs. The Temple is calling for $50 million each on counts of copyright infringement, false designation of an original work, and injury to business reputation, plus demands that the show edit out the statue from here on out.

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