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Sarah Wayne Callies will be back for the Prison Break revival

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Having noticed that a), there’s a pretty successful show on the air right now about people with mysterious, inexplicably precise tattoos, and b), bringing back The X-Files made everyone involved a hefty pile of money, Fox has doubled down on its efforts to resurrect Prison Break, another one of its intermittently beloved primetime dramas about magical, improbable events. To that end, the network is announcing that it’s secured series star Sarah Wayne Callies to return for the nine-episode limited series, at least until she fights them on some contract issues, and they pretend to chop off her head.

But we kid Prison Break, which also starred Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, both currently appearing on The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow. Callies, meanwhile—who played compassionate doctor and eventual love interest Sara Tancredi on the four-season mid-2000s drama—is currently pulling critical praise for her role on USA’s alien invasion story Colony; happily, the revival’s status as a limited series means no one will have to quit their day job to bring it about.


The new series will center on Dr. Tancredi and former convict Lincoln Burrows, as they investigate the supposed death of Miller’s inked-up mastermind Michael Scofield. If it does turn out he actually is alive—and the pair are forced to execute the “series’ biggest escape ever” promised in the casting announcement—at least she and Michael will have some good “they faked my death on me” stories to swap with each other over the post-breakout dinner.

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