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Sarah Silverman tells the DNC’s Bernie Sanders fans that they’re “being ridiculous”

Democratic National Convention

The first night of the Democratic National Convention probably isn’t going quite as well as Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee would’ve hoped, mostly due to the frequent outbursts from a handful of very vocal pro-Bernie Sanders delegates who don’t want to hear anything about Hillary Clinton—which is going to be tough to pull off over the next few days. Sarah Silverman isn’t putting up with that nonsense, though. She took the stage tonight to make a speech alongside Al Franken, with the overall message being one of unity and coming together. As they pointed out, Franken has “been #ImWithHer” this whole time, while Silverman has been “feeling the Bern,” but now they’re both happily throwing their support behind Clinton.

Silverman made a passionate speech about why she supported Sanders and why she’s supporting Clinton now, but when the “Bernie” shouts began to get louder and louder, she leaned into the mic and told the “Bernie or bust” people that they’re “being ridiculous.” Silverman was clearly holding back and didn’t want to get in trouble, but her frustration was obvious. Thankfully, Al Franken was there to badly improvise an introduction for Paul Simon, and the DNC was successfully put back on track.

Now, if only there was a simpler way to follow what’s going on in politics.


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