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Sarah Silverman says Donald Trump once “asked Jeff Ross if [her] tits were real”

(Photo: Robyn Von Swank)

Sarah Silverman said Donald Trump once inquired after her breasts, something that would be shocking if we had the capacity to be shocked by that kind of stuff anymore. In a tweet, Silverman said the now-President “asked [comedian and Roastmaster] Jeff Ross if [her] tits were real,” noting that “they are,” not that it’s Trump’s—or anyone’s—business. She followed that statement up with a sharp “pack4 hell Mary,” also calling the president “racist arrogant garbage” whom “history will remember” as such.


Silverman posted the tweet in response to Trump’s Twitter bragging about how he’s given a presidential permit to the Keystone Pipeline, saying it’s “a great day for American jobs.”

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