Sarah Silverman tells a coffee cup goodbye, because she is about to vanish into a formless world of void.

The informational black hole masquerading as Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow’s next movie, The Book Of Henry, has swallowed up three more big-name stars. Sarah Silverman, Lee Pace, and Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris have all signed on for the film, vanishing into the haze of the unknown that surrounds and obscures all Henry and Book-related queries. Will Pace play Henry? Will Silverman? Is Henry a person, or some kind of sentient library, hence it possessing all these books? We don’t know. We don’t know anything about The Book Of Henry, actually, except that it’s being written by novelist Gregg Hurwitz, and that Naomi Watts may also be in it. (Or maybe not! We don’t know Naomi Watts happening any more.)

Trevorrow shattered box office records this year with Jurassic World, and he’s been tapped to direct one of the upcoming Star Wars films. Is Henry another big-budget blockbuster? A small-scale indie flick like his breakout film, the time travel-adjacent quirkfest Safety Not Guaranteed? A secret codephrase, patiently awaited by his dinosaur-loving alien masters? We don’t know. We may never know. (At some point, we will probably know, especially if it turns out to be that last one.) Anyway, The Book Of Henry is expected to premiere some time, probably. Don’t ask us, nobody tells us anything.


[via The Wrap]