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Sarah Silverman and Topher Grace to play rare-for-HBO siblings who don't want to bang

Lorne Michaels continues to extend his grasp over the television landscape, with a new half-hour comedy for HBO. People In New Jersey concerns two adult siblings who still haven't gotten their lives together, and—in a rare twist for HBO—will not be having sex with each other. Or, at least, not so far as we know. Still, if the ratings start to dip, anything can happen.

The probably-not-incestuous duo will be played by Sarah Silverman and Topher Grace, with Broadway legend Patti LuPone playing the mother who worries about why neither of them have settled down and started giving her grandchildren—a scenario that promises to be a refreshing take on the mother-child relationship. But the behind the scenes talent is encouraging, with Paul Feig directing the pilot and Six Feet Under/Girls scribe Bruce Eric Kaplan writing the script and serving as the requisite person-from-another-HBO-show that every HBO show must have.


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