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Sarah Shahi to play Nancy Drew in CBS’s modern reboot

Person Of Interest

With a generous helping of cleverness and teen-girl moxie, CBS has followed the clues left behind the old grandfather clock in the spooky lighthouse and uncovered the biggest missing piece of its modern-day Nancy Drew show: Nancy Drew herself. This comes from Variety, which reports that Sarah Shahi will play the eponymous hero in Drew. Shahi, of corse, is not a teen girl, but that’s because Drew updates the character into being a 30-something detective for the NYPD instead of a plucky youngster. Also, making good on CBS’ promise that its Nancy Drew “will not be Caucasian,” Shahi comes from an Iranian, Persian, and Spanish background.

Shahi is also best known for her role on CBS’s Person Of Interest, so her getting the starring gig on Drew is a pretty good indication that the crime-fighting computer show will be wrapping up soon.


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