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The most recent season American Horror Story, the slasher movie-inspired 1984, was the first one without series mainstay Sarah Paulson—who was busy filming Ryan Murphy’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest prequel Ratched—but she’ll be back in a major way for season 10. As reported by The Wrap, Paulson confirmed that she will not only be in the next season, but she’ll be “a central character.”


That is pretty much all we know about season 10 of American Horror Story, since its basic theme or premise hasn’t been announced and Paulson is the only actor we know will be in it (Evan Peters also sat out last season, and Jessica Lange took a step back a while ago). Even Paulson doesn’t seem to know what the plan is, telling The Wrap that she only knows that she’ll be in it and not what she’ll be doing in it.

Elsewhere in American Horror Story news today, FX announced that it’s picking the show up for three more season—bringing it up to 13, which is pretty spooky. Paulson doesn’t know if she’ll be in any of those, but she did tell The Wrap that “God willing” she will.

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