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Sarah Paulson is a mommy not-so-dearest in the Run trailer

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Searching, a clever, John Cho-starring thriller unfolding entirely on computer screens, was one of the best cinematic surprises of 2018. Now, that film’s co-writer and director, Aneesh Chaganty, is back with a new thriller, Run, which evokes Hulu’s recent series The Act in its depiction of a toxic mother-daughter relationship that’s defined, in many ways, by the latter’s disability.


Sarah Paulson stars alongside newcomer Kiera Allen—who uses a wheelchair both in real life and in the film—in a film that explores what happens when an isolated child begins to learn truths about both the outside world and just who’s been raising her all these years.

Watch the trailer below.

Paulson, who revealed she studied Piper Laurie’s performance in Carrie for the role, unpacked the film a bit for Entertainment Weekly. “[Diane and Chloe] live a very isolated life, and they really only have each other,” she said. “But Chloe’s at that point in her life now where she’s starting to want to explore beyond the confines of her very isolated life, which is very normal. But I think Diane finds that very scary in the way that most parents do, the minute their children are interested in flying the coop. Diane just may have particular feelings that go a little bit more to the extreme, is all.”


Very extreme, per the below trailer. Run sprints into theaters on May 8, which, in a wry twist, coincides with Mother’s Day weekend.

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