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Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will stick with American Horror Story for season 7

American Horror Story

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are such integral pieces of the American Horror Story puzzle at this point that doing a season without them would be like having a day without sunshine, a pizza without cheese, or a serial killer without a spooky clown mask. Nobody’s interested in any of that, so it’s a good thing that both Paulson and Peters are committed to sticking with American Horror Story. FX just renewed the show for seasons eight and nine earlier today, but before it can get there it has to actually make season seven, which Deadline confirms will include Paulson and Peters.

Naturally, we have no idea what the season will be about or who else might show up alongside Paulson and Peters. Series creator Ryan Murphy says it will be set in the present, but Fox Television Group CEO Dana Walden, FX president John Landgraf, and Sarah Paulson are supposedly the only people who know more than that. We don’t know why Peters is being kept in the dark and Paulson isn’t, but clearly there’s some kind of hierarchy within the Ryan Murphy-verse. (You know he’d tell Jessica Lange anything if she’d ask.)


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