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Sarah Michelle Gellar to take another stab at television, this time on a sitcom

With her most recent television comeback, Ringer, earning the rare distinction of being canceled by The CW (presumably after it started several office fires), Sarah Michelle Gellar is attempting to find more gainful employment that will allow Freddie Prinze Jr. to stay at home, hosting Tupperware parties and making himself look pretty. TV Line reports that her next possible project will be intentional comedy this time, namely a sitcom from Men At Work's Shepard Boucher that will tackle the world of motherhood with the same satirical acuity that show tackles the world of men with vaguely defined personalities. Gellar—in her second attempt at TV comedy since her scrapped HBO pilot, The Wonderful Maladys—would play a mom who gets into "hijinks" while her kids are at school. Said hijinks do not include slaying vampires, however, so viewer interest may vary.


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