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Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to All My Children

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Sarah Michelle Gellar—who could be elected President of the United States and singlehandedly end war, famine, and poverty, and her press conferences would all begin, “President Buffy, the American people demand to know: Angel or Spike?”—will celebrate her impending return to TV on The CW’s Ringer by going even further back into her past to revisit All My Children. Like the also-returning Josh Duhamel, Gellar will appear on the show that provided her big break as a way of honoring its demise, popping up for a one-episode cameo before AMC wraps its last contrivance in September. Of course, not long after Gellar left her role at the age of 15 (and after scooping up a Daytime Emmy), the show hired Alicia Minshew to step in as Kendall Hart, the long-lost, equally devious daughter of Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane. So this means Gellar will have to play another, as-yet-unspecified character. Or she could just suddenly play Kendall Hart again, because this is a soap opera, and inexplicable stuff like that happens all the time.


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