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Having grown weary of film stardom and watching Eliza Dushku pick up all her dropped scripts, Sarah Michelle Gellar is making another bid to return to television with the new CBS pilot Ringer, which will put the erstwhile Buffy The Vampire Slayer star back in her tough-yet-adorable idiom. The one-hour drama will find Gellar playing a woman on the run from the mob (still a prevalent and menacing force in TV land, apparently), and whose efforts to evade them involve pretending to be her wealthy twin sister. Unfortunately, she soon discovers that said twin sister is also being targeted, which leads to all sorts of complications and, presumably, harried split-screen arguments, as naturally the premise would have Gellar playing both roles. Ringer comes from Supernatural writers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, and it’s the first post-Buffy Gellar-starring television project to make it to the pilot stage since HBO’s The Wonderful Maladys in 2008, a show that was not picked up. It’s also an adaptation of a never-produced, exceedingly dark entry in The Adventures Of Mary Kate And Ashley series. Okay, not really.


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