Every single Serial listener is anxiously waiting for tomorrow morning, when the final episode of the podcast’s first season will hit iTunes. Of course, all that anxiety comes with a bit of a caveat, as the show’s conclusion might not actually involve any actual concluding at all. Adnan Syed is still in jail, Redditors haven’t solved the case, and the way the past few episodes of Serial have gone, it doesn’t look like Sarah Koenig is saving any magic bullets of truth for the show’s final episode. And that’s frustrating—not just for listeners, but probably for Koenig herself, who no doubt feels pressure to please listeners.

That’s the gist of “The Last Episode Of Serial,” a new short from Funny Or Die. In the clip, below, Michaela Watkins plays an anxious Koenig who, between calls from Syed and phone-borrowing jokes, is trying to bring her show to a satisfying conclusion for her listeners, her staff, and her gung-ho sponsors at Mail Chimp, who admit that “this child murder has been really great” for their business. Like Serial itself, “The Last Episode Of Serial” doesn’t really come to a satisfying conclusion, but maybe that’s good. It could help prepare us all for tomorrow.


The Last Episode Of Serial from Funny Or Die