Why must arguments over gingerbread houses always end in fisticuffs? Taking a scene from the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast, animator Drue Langlois has brought a fight between Santa and Scott Aukerman to visual life. It’s a star-studded affair: Santa (voiced by Paul F. Tompkins) and the podcast host are joined by Ho-Ho The Naughty Elf (Lauren Lapkus), famed French actor Jean Claude Pepi (Andy Daly), and noted enjoyer of carnage Werner Herzog (Tompkins again).

It’s a pretty hilarious scene that’s realized pretty brilliantly by Langlois’ work. Plus it’s always a good time to watch an irate Santa leave FaceTime only to show up and deliver vicious blows upon the head of those who’ve wronged him. Christmas has come early this year, and it’s kicking all sorts of ass!