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Sandra Bullock to lead an all-female cast in new Ocean’s Eleven movie

The Proposal

If time is a flat circle, and everything that ever was will be again ad infinitum, then we should all be able to take this news of a possible soft reboot of Ocean’s Eleven in stride. Indiewire has an exclusive on the planned sequel and/or remake, which will see Sandra Bullock lead a group of con women. That’s right, the next installment in the Ocean’s franchise will be the latest film to do the gender-swapping thing, with Bullock taking over as ring leader.

Clooney is set to produce the film, with Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) directing from script by Olivia Milch (Queen & Country). The late Jerry Weintraub was to co-produce the film, which has been in development for at least a year. Sources tell Indiewire that the project is moving forward—Milch has already turned in a script—but it’s not currently clear how closely the movie will tie in to Steven Soderbergh’s three films, or if it will be a soft reboot or sequel or what-have-you. Clooney might even drop by in a Danny Ocean cameo, or he might just tag along on filming to take another Italian vacation. After all, he and Bullock are pretty chummy these days, having followed up starring in Gravity together by collaborating on the newly-released Our Brand Is Crisis.


And because there can be no talk of gender swapping or reboots without invoking Paul Feig’s new Ghostbusters movie, Indiewire notes that the Sony hack—that gift that keeps on giving—uncovered an email from Amy Pascal, in which she urged completion of Feig’s film to head off other female-led franchises.

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