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Sandra Bullock to go for a ride on the Cash Truck

(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Jason LaVeris)

According to Deadline, Sandra Bullock is set to star in Cash Truck, a new film “inspired by” the 2004 French movie Le Convoyeur—though, going by the plot descriptions, that might just be a fancy way of saying it’s a remake. Cash Truck is about an American woman named Alex (Bullock) who takes a job with an armored car company in London that was recently hit by a “deadly heist.” As she forms close relationships with the company’s “tight-knit crew,” Alex gradually reveals that she has some kind of scheme that involves “an explosive secret” from her past and her own “mysterious agenda.” From there, the story goes in “shocking, thrilling new directions,” which is always exciting.

Cash Truck will be directed by Narcos’ Josef Wladyka, from a screenplay by Ethan Erwin, Albert Hughes, and John Hodge.


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