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Hot off the success of Bird Box, a movie that barely involved keeping birds in a box, Sandra Bullock is heading back for another Netflix movie. As reported by Variety, she’s going to star in an untitled film from director Nora Fingscheidt about a woman trying to re-enter society after serving time in prison for a “violent crime.” Unfortunately, society “refuses to forgive her past” and she’s now “facing severe judgment from her former friends and peers” and must seek redemption by tracking down her estranged younger sister. Dramatic stuff, in other words.


Interestingly, the movie was written by Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise’s best buddy and the director of the last couple Mission: Impossible movies, so it’s nice to see that he’s still enjoying some creative output that does not involve finding new ways to try and trick Cruise into getting mangled in horrible accidents. As for Fingscheidt, she previously directed the German film Systemsprenger and has been racking up international film festival awards in the last couple years. Still, no birds in a box, so… we’ll see how it goes.

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