“America’s Sweetheart” Sandra Bullock, so named for the way she devours human hearts like candy, may continue her reign of terror by taking on the role of the evil caretaker in Annie. Much as she does in The Blind Side and in her spare time, Bullock would be bossing around some foster kids—specifically Quvenzhané Wallis’ Annie, whom Bullock will drunkenly insult without earning the enmity of the world, because she is Sandra Bullock. The Wrap reports that talks about Bullock joining the Jay-Z and Will Smith-produced remake have been reopened after Bullock initially passed, presumably after she learned her character, Miss Hannigan, wouldn’t be getting a cool, hip-hop-ified name makeover like Jaime Foxx’s Benjamin Stacks. (“What about 'Da Brat-wrangler'?” Bullock probably suggested, before declaring, “NO DEAL.”) Should she sign on this time, Sandra Bullock could be singing and screaming at children by next Christmas Day, as well as starring in Annie.