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Possibly hoping to race David O. Russell’s film about the Miracle Mop to theaters—and heralding an exciting new era of competing projects about common household products—Russell’s producers on The Fighter, David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, are working on a movie about Tupperware. The Hollywood Reporter says the two are shopping a period drama about groundbreaking Tupperware saleswoman Brownie Wise that may star Sandra Bullock, who herself recently battled to remain fresh inside a cold vacuum in Gravity. (“Like a leftover hot dog in the refrigerator of space,” was that film’s original tagline.)


Wise was the originator of the classic Tupperware party that helped make the product an icon, and allowed so many women of the 1950s an excuse to get together and eat tranquilizers. Unfortunately, Wise had a falling out with Tupperware inventor Earl Tupper—ostensibly over the money wasted on lavish Tupperware “jubilees,” but really because of sexism. But she may at last get her day by having Bullock lend her sympathetic, everywoman presence to her story with the help of The Help director Tate Taylor, who knows a thing or two about stories of inequality in the kitchen.

Anyway, although the tale of Tupperware and its revolutionary “burping seal” technology will soon be taken, consider this a PSA that Burping Seal is still available. Adam Sandler plays a SeaWorld trainer who discovers a flatulent seal that can burp the alphabet; this is money that’s just waiting to be printed.

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