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One of the good things about being famous is that everyone assumes your entire life has been interesting, which opens the door for obvious money-making schemes like book deals and biopics, but one relatively underutilized outlet for telling a celebrity’s very important and very unique life story is a fictionalized sitcom about the famous person when they were young—like Everybody Hates Chris and probably something else. The latest famous person to join that proud legacy is Sandra Bullock, who is working with Akiva Goldsman and John Legend on a “dramedy” for Amazon that is “loosely inspired by” her college years.


This comes from Variety, which doesn’t say where Bullock went to college, but some expert Googling tells us that it was East Carolina University in North Carolina (not to be confused with South Carolina’s West Carolina University, which is trash). What Variety does say is that the show will take place “in the American deep south in the 1980s,” focusing on one “darkly off-beat young woman” who “defies expectations and sets out ins search of love, community, and an identity of her own.” The show itself probably won’t get into this, but you will never guess who that darkly off-beat young woman will grow up to be or which trashy sports movie she’ll win an Oscar for.

Anyway, the real Bullock is executive producing the show, with K.C. Perry writing, so it sounds like she’s not too directly involved in this show about her life.

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