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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds to reunite for Most Wanted, teach the world to love again

America only wants the best for Sandra Bullock, which is why the collective will of the people has driven her to reunite with her The Proposal co-star Ryan Reynolds for the upcoming Most Wanted. The film is patently not a sequel to The Proposal but it may as well be: Proposal screenwriter Peter Chiarelli wrote the story, Proposal director Anne Fletcher is being pursued to helm it, and Bullock and Reynolds will reprise a chemistry that was so palpable, it even ensnared Scarlett Johansson in its lusty grip. Also different is the plotline, which would find Bullock playing a criminal who’s placed under Reynolds’ custody while on her way to court, with the two being forced to go on the run after they’re ambushed, presumably with sexy consequences. Sadly, it is not a remake of the 1997 Keenan Ivory Wayans/Jon Voight film of the same name (although the chemistry is comparable).

Along with trying to recreate the success of The Proposal, astute readers may note thematic similarities to 1988’s Midnight Run (a film that may be getting the sequel treatment soon) as well as a vague resemblance to the recent Jennifer Aniston/Gerard Butler failed breeding experiment The Bounty Hunter, which means Most Wanted is sort of like a Frankenstein’s remake of rehashed plots and pairings, reanimated by various marketing algorithms masquerading as fresh ideas. But then, Sandra Bullock’s husband cheated on her with a scary neo-Nazi lady, so this movie’s probably going to be great, because she totally deserves it!


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