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Illustration for article titled Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are making a buddy cop movie

Melissa McCarthy will make her ascension to comedy lead all but complete with a role in a buddy cop movie, playing a funny person who can also shoot at things, according to the traditional method of establishing a comic actor's versatility. Of course, she'll still have some help both on-screen and off, pairing up with the box-office-generating Sandra Bullock as a "high-strung FBI agent" (as opposed to Bullock's careless, tomboy FBI agent in the Miss Congeniality movies) and playing an "unconventional Boston cop" who helps Bullock take down a Russian gangster, probably while saying crass and overly confident things that are overlooked because she gets results. The script hails from Parks And Recreation's Katie Dippold and will be executive produced by Paul Feig, so there are at least some funny minds behind what otherwise sounds like a gender-flipped version of a premise that would have starred Jim Belushi back in the '80s. Don't become the female Jim Belushi, Melissa McCarthy.


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