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Sandman movie rumors and Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumors conveniently combined into one big rumor

Combining two of the most persistent types of Internet stories, Badass Digest passes along news of yet another attempt to adapt Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, which is simultaneously yet another attempt to cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a comic-book movie. Cautioning that it’s still in the earliest of stages, the site’s Devin Faraci—who recently broke the news of another Vertigo Comics adaptation in Preacher—says that comic-book movie guy David S. Goyer has pitched Warner Bros. his take on Gaiman’s seminal supernatural tale, with comic-book movie casting rumor guy Gordon-Levitt already involved, and “almost certainly intending to play Morpheus,” lord of dreams and drama club kids. “Levitt's gonna deny this, just like he's denied a lot of other stuff that was true, by the way,” Faraci says, referring to how every time Gordon-Levitt’s name is connected to any kind of superhero, he immediately shoots it down.

Of course, even without Gordon-Levitt’s name being in the mix, there’s plenty of reason to expect this latest Sandman report will join all those other Sandman reports in the dark netherworld, walking a limbo with its fellow failed adaptation attempts, and being laughed at by a Death who is, admittedly, pretty cute. But at least this way we’re getting two inevitable rumors out of the way at once; the Internet grows more efficient by the day.


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