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San Andreas scribes to write the live-action Astro Boy movie

Astro Boy

It looks like San Andreas writers Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore are going from The Rock to a kid with rocket boots, as The Hollywood Reporter says that they’ve been hired by New Line to write the big-screen, live-action adaptation of Astro Boy, the iconic Japanese anime/manga series. In the source material, the eponymous Astro Boy is a little kid robot with rocket boots (which explains the first line in this story) and machine guns in his butt (which can’t be explained by anything). He also tends to fly through the air and smash stuff, so the experience with blowing things up that Fabrizio and Passmore picked up from San Andreas should come in handy.

THR obviously doesn’t have any casting information yet, but hopefully these guys can team up with Dwayne Johnson again and get him to star in Astro Boy. He’d look awesome with a spiky haircut and a machine gun in his butt.


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