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San Andreas’ Brad Peyton is teaming up with James Wan for a comic book movie

(Image via Boom! Studios)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, San Andreas director Brad Peyton has signed on to direct an adaptation of a comic co-created by horror movie superstar (and future Aquaman director) James Wan. The comic—which also comes from Michael Alan Nelson and Piotr Kowalski—is called Malignant Man, and it’s about a guy dying of cancer who realizes that his tumor is actually an alien parasite that somehow gives him superpowers. This gives him a “renewed purpose,” and he then goes about “fighting a secret army lurking behind the veils of society while also peeling back his own secrets.”

Wan will be producing the adaptation, but it sounds like he’s not too involved beyond that, which means it’ll probably take after San Andreas more than it will Wan’s Conjuring movies or Furious 7 (which he also directed). Hopefully the eponymous Malignant Man is a better hero than San Andreas’ Dwayne Johnson, though, because he was a guy specially trained to rescue earthquake victims who abandoned his post as soon as the big earthquake hit. That’s a pretty low bar, so Malignant Man should be in good shape.


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