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Image: Cartoon Network

Adult Swim’s occasional revivals of older Cartoon Network shows aren’t always successful (that FLCL sequel sure was a waste of time), but depending on how you feel about tragic endings, the recent Samurai Jack sequel was quite good. Adult Swim was apparently pretty happy with it at least, because it’s now working with Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky on a brand new series about cavemen and dinosaurs. According to Deadline, the show is called Primal and it’s about a “caveman at the dawn of evolution” and a dinosaur “on the brink of extinction” who are friends, and together they most work together to survive “a violent, primordial world.”

That makes it sound like a happy show about good pals, but Deadline has a teaser image that implies something a bit darker and more violent—this is Adult Swim, after all. There aren’t many other details, but Primal is set to premiere at some point in the fall. Tartakovsky, meanwhile, has built a wildly successful film career directing the Hotel Transylvania movies, so now he’s finally in place where he can go back to developing cult-hit cartoons.


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