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Samurai Cop 2 is coming soon, apparently

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In a move that’s sure to generate slightly more enthusiasm than his partner can muster, Cineridge Entertainment has announced that Samurai Cop 2 is in the works. Amir Shervan’s remarkably incompetent 1989 buddy cop movie is routinely cited as one of the most unintentionally hilarious films ever made—and now that people make movies like that on purpose, it’s time to give it another go.


Reportedly already on board, star Matt Hannon emerged in a YouTube message to his fans that was posted Tuesday. Hannon only makes vague reference to a sequel, but confirms that yes, he will be doing audio commentary on Samurai Cop, yes, he is wearing a wig, and yes, he is still alive. Perpetually underwhelmed sidekick Mark Frazer and Gerald Okamura—the acclaimed martial artist whose Samurai Cop sex scene has been permanently seared onto fans’ eyeballs—will also return. Other names that have been thrown around in reference to Samurai Cop 2 are Meatballs star Kristine DeBell, porn star Lexi Belle, and, oddly enough, George Lazenby and Seymour Cassel. Robert Z’Dar’s chin and the lion head made of yarn could not be reached for comment.

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