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Few celebrities are capable of managing a larger-than-life persona better than Samuel L. Jackson, perhaps American acting’s finest artist in the medium of yelling “Motherfucker” at fools. Although he’s got range to spare, Jackson’s default persona often falls back on a particular flavor of exasperated amusement that he seems to come by honest; certainly, that’s the prevailing tone in this video he recently did for this weekend’s Glass, in which IGN asked him to read through a series of comments culled from its typographically challenged fans.

It’s clear Jackson is having a certain kind of fun here, but his genuine annoyance at the lack of grammar, half-formed thoughts, and endless references to his previous roles that keep popping up in the curated comments does begin to become apparent. He hits the final straw when someone just recreates one of his various Nick Fury speeches for him to boredly read back, turning to the camera and attempting to remind viewers, “You have to get past the Avengers and Marvel shit at some point, okay? Other fucking people make movies!” (He’s still enough of a good brand ambassador to throw a little shade at the Distinguished Competition in the process, at least.)


Glass is in theaters now; Samuel L. Jackson will hopefully be yelling at people from now until the end of time.

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