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Samuel L. Jackson would like to know "what the actual fuck" is going on with this Spider-Man poster

Photo: Sony

We can probably thank Marvel’s influence for Spider-Man: Homecoming being so good, and though it’s too early to say if the sequel Far From Home will also be good, we do know that the series is still having some trouble with its posters. Homecoming had that ugly pile of people, with its two Iron Mans, two Spider-Mans, and two Vultures, and Far From Home already had that ugly “project for Photoshop class” poster. Now, another Far From Home ad has been released with such a shockingly grievous error that Samuel L. Jackson—who reprises his MCU role as Nick Fury in the movie—is calling Sony and Marvel out.

In an Instagram post, Jackson shared a photo of a Reddit post featuring two side-by-side Spider-Man: Far From Home ads, both featuring his Nick Fury, but one of the images was mirrored so that Fury’s eyepatch is on the wrong eye. As Jackson says: “What in the actual fuck is going on here???!!!” with the hashtags “headsgonroll” and “lefteyemuthafukkah.” Obviously, any true Marvel fan would know that it was Fury’s left eye that got ripped out by Goose the Flerken, so it’s wild that it not only got made, but that it got printed and then hung up right next to an accurate picture of Fury.


On the other hand, it’s really not a big deal, and not even Samuel L. Jackson could care about this as much as he’s pretending to care.


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