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Samuel L. Jackson to star in adaptation of Kite anime

Something about the idea of a renegade cop hunting down a teenage girl assassin trying to murder her parents’ killer just screams “Samuel L. Jackson.” Apparently, he feels the same way. According to Deadline, he’ll be filling that exact role in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Kite, a 1998 anime known for its crazy levels of violence, nudity, and violent nudity. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager’s India Eisley will be joining him as Sawa, the teen girl assassin, and I Am Number Four’s Callan McAuliffe will be playing a teen boy assassin named Oburi.

This live-action version of Kite has actually been in the works for a while now—in fact, there’s already a trailer—but Anchor Bay just recently picked up the U.S. and Canadian distribution rights. It was originally going to be directed by Snakes On A Plane’s David R. Ellis, but after his death last year, a South African filmmaker named Ralph Ziman took over. Considering the subject matter, there’s a good chance it will give Samuel L. Jackson plenty of opportunities to say “motherfucker.” People always like that.


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