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Samuel L. Jackson is the motherfuckin' highest-grossing actor of all motherfuckin' time

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Demonstrating that if you work hard at honing your craft, carve out an idiosyncratic niche, and say yes to just about everything you’re offered, you can eventually become the most profitable actor in history, Samuel L. Jackson has just been named the highest-grossing actor of all time by the Guinness Book Of World Records. By averaging around four films a year since first bursting onto the screen in 1972, Jackson has racked up well over 100 titles in his career—some of which were even not completely, ridiculously terrible. And along the way he’s had roles in some serious top earners like Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, and the Star Wars prequels, all of which contributed to his lifetime box-office gross (so far) of $7.4 billion, and this is even before The Avengers has come out. That’s like $10,000 for every “motherfucker.”


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