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Same Oscars producers producing Oscars next year

The producing duo behind the past two Oscar ceremonies—hosted by Seth MacFarlane and Ellen DeGeneres, respectively—are going to go ahead and produce the Oscars again, if that’s okay with everybody. According to Variety, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron will return after producing the “most-watched entertainment telecast in 10 years.” This past Oscars drew an average of 45.4 million total viewers— the biggest the Oscars itself has seen in 14 years.

A statement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences praised the duo’s dedication to “showmanship,” which suggests MacFarlane’s “We Saw Your Boobs” number and Pink’s bizarre tribute to The Wizard Of Oz must be real favorites over there. Zadan and Meron also produced ratings juggernaut The Sound Of Music Live! and will follow that up with the upcoming Peter Pan Live!


Perhaps Zadan and Meron’s biggest responsibility in producing the Oscars is picking the show’s host. While Ellen DeGeneres seemed like a fairly well-liked choice, we humbly suggest that next time they cut out the middleman and enlist that pizza delivery guy.

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