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Samantha Bee strolls down memory lane with Jon Stewart and Donald Trump

(Screengrab: Full Frontal With Samantha Bee)

California’s presidential primary is currently in full swing, but that didn’t stop the Associated Press from basically declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of the Democratic party nomination yesterday. Still, it certainly looks like Clinton will square off against sentient trash fire (that’s the shade of orange Trump’s going for) and Republican nominee Donald Trump come November. The deplorability of this race varies by voter, but Full Frontal host Samantha Bee took some time last night to remind viewers just how risible everyone found Trump’s candidacy when it was announced one year ago—to their own detriment.

The stroll down memory lane includes Rick Perry styled as Clark Kent, and Jeb Bush’s pathetic demand for applause. But as ridiculous as those moments were in the contest to secure the Republican nomination, they’re not nearly as damning of the GOP as all the recanting of anti-Trump statements. Bee notes that when even Paul Ryan’s reversed himself in an op-ed, then the party is offering not so much support as unconditional surrender.


And speaking of old friends, Jon Stewart sat in for the opening of the show to offer his advice to his old Daily Show cohort. But Bee has really come into her own on Full Frontal, so Stewart just ended up playing tiny-horse whisperer.

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