Screenshot: Full Frontal/YouTube

Even though she joked that a Donald Trump victory would mean the show would have to go on without her, Samantha Bee resumed her Full Frontal hosting duties last night to tackle the presidential transition. Trump’s move into the White House has been going swimmingly, since he hasn’t “drained the swamp” so much as turned it into a koi pond for people who “get” Satan and Darth Vader. While marveling at how poorly the president-elect accepts even victory, Bee and her team addressed all the voter fraud nonsense that’s still kicking around despite the fact that Trump won “bigly.”

It’s not just our future president who believes the dead have risen and are voting Democrat; he’s not even the first one to pitch that idea. But Trump helped spread it even after he claimed a landslide victory over Hillary Clinton. Of course, no one—not even the man with the hugest and best words—has found real evidence of voter fraud, and certainly not on the widespread levels that people like Alex Jones allege. But that won’t keep some people from lapping up the conspiracy theories and spitting them out on CNN while attributing them to CNN.