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Samantha Bee’s new talk show set up a hotline for trolls and their comments

The debut of Samantha Bee’s talk show, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, is still two months away, but the backlash has apparently already begun. While on Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday night, Bee told Meyers that she and her crew have already devised a plan for dealing with hate-watching viewers and/or sexist, hateful commenters. You see, rather than force these trolls to direct their vitriol to the show’s social media feeds, thereby inundating them, Bee’s show has set up a hotline to allow them to shout their misogyny rather than type it into the void. The hotline, 1-844-4-TROLLZ, does work, and features some awful prompts, of which “leave a menacing remark” is probably the least depressing.

What’s that, you say? How could Bee already be anticipating a negative reaction to the only woman-led offering in the late-night talk show landscape? Well, take it straight from the host’s mouth.


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