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Samantha Bee looks to noted baller Elizabeth Warren for encouragement on Full Frontal

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee (Screenshot: TBS)

After six months of a Trump presidency and its attendant assaults on all that is decent, honorable, and especially female, Samantha Bee was looking for some much-needed spiritual sustenance on last night’s Full Frontal. So she went looking for perhaps the one woman in America more dogged in her pursuit of truth, justice, and the pre-Trump American Way than she is: Massachusetts Senator and notoriously persistent badass, Elizabeth Warren.

Their interview took the form of a pep talk from the unwaveringly optimistic Warren to the frazzled Bee, with Bee eventually engaging the game senator in a spot of “talk me off the edge of the death of democracy” role-playing. Warren did her level best, assuring Bee that we’re going to come out of this better than we started, although she did offer the clear-eyed reality check caveat, “because we don’t have any choice.” And while that is not the way to cheer up a bedraggled late night host who claims that she spends her nights screaming into a rolled up towel at the day’s Trump-related horrors, Warren’s Knute Rockne routine to Bee was filled with the sort of undaunted positivity that has made her the focus of male Republicans’ wrath (and Trump’s persistent racist bullying), and the roused cheers of Bee’s studio audience. In the end, Bee emerged refreshed, and Warren got her own reward, in the form of a visit from the star of HBO’s Ballers, her surprising choice of comfort TV. She cited the show’s tales of hard work in pursuit of your dreams as the reason, but we all know why anyone watches Ballers—Bee’s former Daily Show pal, Rob Corddry! Fine, Corddry got a hug, but it was the wrestling-era standee of Dwayne Johnson that really made Warren happy. She’s only human.


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