(Screenshot: Full Frontal/YouTube)

Did you think Samantha Bee was going to let Trump’s whole “grab them by the pussy” line slide? Yeah, of course, she didn’t. “Oh yeah, I’m going to move on this like a bitch,” she said at the outset of her show last night, parroting Trump’s words as she unleashed her viciously hilarious wrath on him and Billy Bush, who she called “leering dildos.” It only gets better from there.

Bee also took a look at the challenges the Trump footage posed to cable news folks too scared to use the word “pussy.” To combat that, she breathlessly launched into a list of every slang term ever dreamed up for the vagina, ending, naturally, on “box,” with a photo of a ballot box popping up alongside her. “Well, that was literally a vagina monologue,” she said as she exhaled.


Later, the host brought up Trump’s callous use of Bill Clinton’s accusers at the second debate. She called out his hypocrisy toward these women, while also arguing that the move only served to remind voters why we don’t want a president who reminds us of the ’90s with his flagrant misogyny. “If you think we’re going to let you drag us back to that Maxim magazine decade of cum-stained dresses and and pubic hairs on Coke and 50 year old pussy-grabbing man babies then you must be on crack,” she said and then cut to a montage of Trump sniffling. “Sorry, I meant coke.” Watch below.