(Photo: Getty Images For TBS, Emma McIntyre)

Fighting Nazis is very “in” right now, unless you’re the sort of asshole who would rather side with the Nazis, but it can be tough to fight Nazis when you’re an organization that works to counteract white supremacism and some asshole decides not to give you a federal grant you were promised. That’s exactly what happened to Life After Hate, though, which is a group founded in Chicago by a former neo-Nazi that works to reach out to white supremacists and try to convince them change their ways. The Obama administration had promised a $400,000 federal grant to Life After Hate that would help keep it operational, but for some crazy reason that we can’t possibly guess at, the Trump administration decided not to follow through on that promise—putting the group and its work in jeopardy.

Now, though, Samantha Bee and the crew of her Full Frontal show have started leading the charge to raise money for Life After Hate. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly (via Chicagoist), Bee said that she learned about the group when they were filming a piece for the show, and they later discovered that the organization was the only one outside of the FBI that was “trying to extract people out of the life of violent white supremacy.” The segment itself apparently won’t air until next month, but with Life After Hate running out of money, Bee decided to start promoting it now.


Life After Hate is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to make up for the lost federal grant, and at this point it has raised about $152,000 of its $400,000 goal. You can see a teaser for the Full Frontal segment below.