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Samantha Bee invites President Obama to go Full Frontal

(Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Samantha Bee’s TBS series Full Frontal is about to pass another major talk show milestone: hosting a sitting President Of The United States, in the form of current incumbent Barack Obama. Or, to put it in the show’s terms: Obama is about to become the first male president to be invited to join Bee on the show.

The interview with Obama—who, a press release notes, “wore a flattering wool suit paired with sensible leather flats”—comes shortly after Bee sat down with four female heads of state, plus former U.S. Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright, for a recent piece on misogyny on the international stage. The segment addressed the special challenges female leaders face, so as not to send men cowering in fear of a woman who reminds them of the fourth grade teacher that used to tell them what to do.

The Obama interview will air on October 31 at 10:30 p.m. The president is currently on the campaign trail, drumming up support for Hillary Clinton in her campaign against Republican candidate/preeminent scared fourth grader Donald Trump.


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