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Samantha Bee roared into her new time slot last night, zestfully celebrating the latest Donald Trump news as “comedy Christmas.” Yes, Bee went in on the unverified story that Trump hired prostitutes to pee on a bed once slept in by Barack and Michelle Obama in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton. Sure, it may not be true, but that’s not going to stop Bee from loving it. She explained: “The only verifiable thing about this report is how much joy it gave me.”

This—perhaps tall—tale came from a dossier BuzzFeed published with allegations of Trump connections to Russia and information purportedly obtained by the Russian government on Trump. BuzzFeed released this document after CNN reported that both Obama and Trump were given a synopsis of what it contains. (Trump, for his part, has indiscriminately called the revelations ”fake news.”)


“There’s a high probability this story is bullshit but the fact that it’s plausible bullshit is a terrifying statement about what our nation has come to,” Bee said, specifically of the golden showers anecdote. Bee does have a serious wish, however. “We can only hope the incontinent sex worker frosting draws attention to the report’s less delicious details about Russia manipulating our president,” she said. “After all, as the old Disney song goes, ‘a spoonful of hooker urine helps the treason claims go down.’” Now that’s a tune you won’t be able to get out of your head.

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