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Samantha Bee and Sarah Paulson pore over Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails

Screenshot: Full Frontal/YouTube

It’s finally November 8, a day this country has both been dreading, and also wanting to get the hell over with already. Polling places have lines out the door, but Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaign away because, despite the obvious unsuitability of one of these candidates, this has proven to be a tough race. In her continuing exploration of just what has made America so skeptical of a former Secretary Of State, Samantha Bee tucked into Clinton’s emails, courtesy of WikiLeaks. She did so with the help of Full Frontal’s new intern Sarah Paulson, who took a break from buoying everything Ryan Murphy comes up with to stage a reading of the emails.

Bee notes that among the millions of messages provided by WikiLeaks are late-night exchanges between Clinton and Huma Abedin that amount to neither of them fully understanding what “u up?” means. Then Paulson takes over to dramatically read Clinton’s repeated requests for print jobs and her inquiry into Parks And Recreation’s airtime. Sure, this is all stuff that we’ve known about for months and that the FBI has had to reconfirm isn’t worth pursuing, but it’s worth it just to hear Paulson-as-Clinton implore of her staff: “pls print.” The recent Emmy winner was absolutely the right person for the job, especially after playing someone who was picked apart in real life for her competence and appearance. We’re talking about Marcia Clark in American Crime Story and not Hillary Clinton there, but while we’re on the subject:

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