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As reported by Variety, the once-ubiquitous Sam Worthington has signed on to co-star in The Shack. The movie is an adaptation of William P. Young’s novel of the same name, and Worthington will be playing a man who finds evidence of his daughter being murdered in a mysterious shack. Years later, he gets a message from God that tells him to go back, back to the shack, and then he probably learns some kind of lesson about faith. Octavia Spencer will play God, replacing Morgan Freeman in the role that he made famous in Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty. Also, with Worthington on board, it’s probably a safe bet that the studio is hoping that The Shack will spawn a bunch of sequels. In The Shack 2, Worthington and Spencer will have to team up to stop Satan from using the mysterious shack for evil, and then The Shack 3 will have them working with Satan to stop some mutual enemy. Maybe Thanos?


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