According to Deadline, Sam Worthington is attached to play British comic-book hero Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, in a big-budget movie version. Worthington, who ranks among the four or five most employable actors in the world, will bring his usual showing-up-to-work-ness to the role of Dare, the lantern-jawed flyboy of the Interplanet Space Fleet who defended Earth against invasion by The Mekon. Since Dare’s debut in the 1950s, the character has undergone many metamorphoses, from the stiff-upper-lipped, violence-eschewing Boy Scout of the original Eagle comics to the more jaded, anti-authoritarian version that Grant Morrison first envisioned in 1990. Worthington has confirmed that it’s this grittily rebooted Dare—specifically the Dare that appeared in a recent miniseries from Garth Ennis—that will form the basis for the film. Hopefully that means we can expect a similarly heavy update of this song, maybe by someone like Daughtry.