Mr. Right

Having recently displayed palpable chemistry with a romantic interest even while in less than favorable conditions, Sam Rockwell has gone ahead and signed on for another comedy about two people who fall in love under “strange circumstances.” According to Deadline, the erstwhile Mr. Right will topline the black comedy Blue Iguana, which was written by Cleanskin director Hadi Hajaig and will begin filming in London this July.

The film will follow a pair of “outcasts”—one of whom Rockwell will play—whose romance unfolds as an “offbeat story about lying, stealing, and shooting.” It’s the kind of stuff you’d expect to see in a movie about a paid assassin whose change of heart prompts the career change that endangers his life and that of his lover—which you’ve seen recently if you went to see Mr. Right. But Rockwell’s unflagging charm (which was bolstered by co-star Anna Kendrick’s) saw him through Paco Cabezas’ “dumb crime comedy,” so he will presumably come out of Blue Iguana just fine. And in case you were wondering, the title refers to a “coveted diamond,” because we all know how jewelers are apt to name exceptional gems after endangered species.