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Sam Rockwell and Christian Bale make an uncanny Bush and Cheney in the Vice trailer

Hey, remember the days when George W. Bush and his gang of wealth-worshipping, climate-change-denying, xenophobia-stirring plutocrats seemed like the worst thing that could possibly happen to America? How naive we were back then. Not that we’re encouraging nostalgia for the Bush era or anything—quite the opposite, actually. And we imagine that Adam McKay’s The Big Short follow-up Vice will touch on that very theme, at least based on the first trailer for the film released this morning.

Much of the coverage of the film so far has focused on Christian Bale and his dramatic physical transformation for the role of power behind the throne Dick Cheney, but Sam Rockwell’s Dubya impression is pretty uncanny as well. Or maybe it’s just the chicken wings? Either way, Vice opens in theaters on December 25.


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