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Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick are starring in an upcoming genre-busting film that dares to posit the question: What if you mixed light, fluffy romantic comedy with the gritty, violent world of murderers-for-hire? Wouldn't that be a hoot?


Mr. Right stars Kendrick as a luckless young woman who falls in love with Sam Rockwell who—get this—used to kill people for money! That premise comes from a script by Max Landis, author of 2012’s Chronicle (although not the upcoming Chronicle 2) another movie that mixed two things that didn't seem like they’d fit together (found footage and superhero films), but in hindsight fit so naturally that you can’t imagine why they hadn't been tried before.

As reported by Deadline, Paco Cabezas, whose previous original work includes that one movie where Nicholas Cage is a reformed criminal who needs to save his kidnapped daughter, will be guiding Kendrick and Rockwell into the uncharted waters of the “rom-com-paid-murderer” niche, completely independently, and with absolutely no guidance from the good, the bad, or the unnecessary sequel to the bad, which was much, much worse.

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