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Sam Raimi's hell-bent on making another Evil Dead, with or without Bruce Campbell

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We’ve been pretty big fans of the Evil Dead franchise’s many permutations, from Sam Raimi’s original, genre-defying incarnations to Fede Álvarez’s solid 2013 reboot to Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead series. Color us stoked, then, that Raimi seems optimistic that the franchise will live on. Just how it will, however, is still up for discussion.


In a new interview with Bloody Disgusting, Raimi says he’s currently in talks with producer Rob Tapert and original star Bruce Campbell, who said in 2018 that he was through playing the iconic role of one-handed hero Ash. “I’d love to make another one,” Raimi said. “I don’t think TV is in its future but we’re talking about—Bruce, Rob, and myself—one or two different ways to go for the next movie. We’d like to make another Evil Dead feature and in fact we’re working on some ideas right now.”

Raimi, proving himself to be shockingly openminded, says he’s open to a sequel to the Starz series, a sequel to Álvarez’s reboot, or, if all else fails, “a third possibility” that, as of now, remains a mystery. “I would be thrilled if Bruce Campbell changed his mind about retirement, would come back for the original Evil Dead line,” Raimi said. “But if not, I’m very happy to work with, if Fede would come back and make the sequel…but he’s such a big shot now. He’s so successful, an artist in demand, that I don’t think he’d want to do that.” (He’s not kidding, as Álvarez is currently at work on a sequel to fuckin’ Labyrinth.)


That’s a lot to get sorted out, but talks must be progressing well. “I think you may see some action on the Evil Dead movie in the next six months,” Raimi said, positively brimming with confidence. We’ll be sure to have our boomsticks cocked and loaded.

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