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Sam Raimi to direct remake of French crime thriller A Prophet

A Prophet

Sam Raimi is mostly known for his inventive horror films, his two good Spider-Man movies, and his one bad Spider-Man movie, but Deadline says that his next project won’t be Spider-Man or horror-related. Instead, it’ll be a remake of the French crime thriller A Prophet. The original film won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes in 2009 and centered on a Muslim man who is sent to prison in France where he eventually becomes a big-shot crime boss. Surprisingly, though, he does not replace one of his hands with a chainsaw, get dragged to hell, or indicate that he’s a bad guy now with an excessive amount of dancing, so Raimi’s involvement does seem a little unexpected. Of course, maybe Raimi will end up injecting A Prophet with some of his usual style and it’ll end up being more interesting than most U.S. remakes of foreign films. We’ll find out as the project moves along, presumably.


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