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Sam Raimi: "There's more Evil Dead coming"

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Photo: Nicholas Hunt (Getty Images for Starz)

Just in case you thought this weekend’s New York Comic Con was all about The Walking Dead, Dread Central says it wasn’t the only zombie-related thing to get some news. Horror director/producer and early Quibi supporter Sam Raimi also had some stuff to announce, and that stuff was specifically that, “there’s more Evil Dead coming.” He also noted that longtime series star Bruce Campbell, who hung up his chainsaw last year after the cancellation of Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead, will be on board as a producer, but that’s apparently all the information he gave. We don’t know if this will be a continuation of the original series (as the TV show was), a sequel to the remake from a few years ago, or another full-on reboot, but—as Raimi says—there’s more Evil Dead coming” either way.


This is pretty much the same as what Raimi said a few months ago, when he said he was talking to producers about doing something with Evil Dead, whether or not he could convince Campbell to pick up his boomstick again. His NYCC comment sounds more definitive than what he was talking about earlier in the year, though, so maybe there really is “more Evil Dead coming” this time around.